Cacoo acting strange on Chrome ↑page up

We are aware that Cacoo doesn't work properly on the Google Chrome's version 21 or later.

Please follow the steps here if you have any issues.

Google Chrome updates automatically. If you haven't updated its version, the issue could happen.

I want to know the servers’ details. ↑page up

For security reasons, we don't publish the number or specifications of servers.

Mail servers’ information ↑page up

Emails from Cacoo are sent from the following IP addresses:

Please add these IP addresses if you restrict emails by the IP addresses.

You many refer these information which is listed on DNS as SPF record.

How you you back up data (to recover in case of failure)? ↑page up

To recover the data in case of server's failure, we take backups

  • - Daily - backup as incremental
  • - Twice a week - full database backup (4 generations of bakups are stored.)

Both backups are stored on the different servers and different media. The procedures of restoring data from the backup has been assured. Backup of the data is saved in the different data center from where the service is running.

In case of failure, we will resume the service with the backups.

What is Cacoo’s security policy? ↑page up

We are committed to provide a secure environment to our customers.
We do not share your data with outside party. Access to your data is limited to you and other users to whom you've allowed the access, except in case of the emergency, such as to fix the hardware problems.
We also periodically backup your data to prevent the data loss.
We will delete your data immediately upon your request.

What sort of systems and equipment does Cacoo use? ↑page up

Data Center
The servers are located in a data center with 24/7/365 surveillance and security.

Our server has Linux installed.

Auto Updates of Security Patch
We maintain the security by updating the server software to protect security problems automatically.
We also have solid security system even if it cannot be done automatically.

Disabling unnecessary services and ports
We disable the unnecessary services that are initially programmed to start by default. Also we publicize the minimum numbers of ports.

Firewall prevents unauthorized access to the server.

Encrypted data transfer by SSL
With SSL, the communication between web browser and server is encrypted. It helps to prevent your data from losing or being edited, or spoofing.

Cacoo Security
Cacoo strives for the higher security. We always verify the common attacks (such as XSS).
If there are any problems, we notify on the “bugs and requests” or “system failure information” on the web sites immediately and we’ll deal with these problems promptly.

Can I see the access logs? ↑page up

We keep the access logs for a certain amount of period but we don’t release to our customers.

How do you deal with the outage of the servers and how long does it take to get back to normal? ↑page up

Our server is located in the data center with 24/7/365 surveillance and we’ll be alarmed immediately in case of emergency. We have a solid system to get the server back to normal.

The below is the way how we take care the problem after we detect the failures:

  • data center deal with the failure at first.
  • data center and Backlog staff will work together to find the cause and the solution of the failure.

The duration before getting back to normal depends on the cause of the failures. We try to recover the system as quick as possible.

What’s Cacoo’s privacy protection policy? ↑page up

Please refer the following page: (Within Cacoo website)

I cannot input text directly in the text box on Mac. ↑page up

When you are using IME on Mac, the text you are tying will be shown at the bottom of the editing page. Text will be inserted to the text box when you finish typing.