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Steps to fix copying and pasting problem on the editor Wed, 11 Sep 2013 09:48:15 +0000 hirayama Some of our users reported that they are experiencing problems with copying and pasting after some modifications, such as Flash Player updates, applied to their system.  If you are having the same problem, please try the following steps.

  1. Right click on the editing screen, then select "Global Settings..." from the context menu.
  2. The "Flash Player Setting Manager"(Windows) / "Flash Player"(Mac OS X) panel or the Adobe’s web page will be shown, depending on your system environment.
  3. [On "Flash Player Setting Manager"(Windows) / "Flash Player"(Mac OS X) panel]
    In the "Storage" tab, click the "Local Storage Setting by Site…" button.

  4. Select the item "" in the website list, then click the "Remove"(Windows) / " - "(Mac OS X) button.
    After the item "" has been removed, close the setting panel.

  5. [On the Adobe’s web page window]
    Click the "Website Storage Settings panel" link in the page.
  6. You’ll be forwarded to "Website Storage Settings panel".  Select the item "" in the website list and click the "Delete website" button.

After these steps, please try copying and pasting functionality on the editing screen.
[Note] The settings such as showing/hiding panels or positions of panels on the editing screen will be cleared after these steps.

]]> 3 employs Cacoo to simplify work and improve communication flow within the team Wed, 21 Aug 2013 09:23:47 +0000 Iris

The startup climate in Japan is rapidly warming up lately, as more funding and accelerator programs are starting to pour into this nascent market. To experience a little of this exhilarating heatwave, we popped by one of the biggest startup incubators in Tokyo - Samurai Incubate, at their plush work space called Samurai Startup Island located in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

Samurai Incubate has nurtured a number of notable startups since it first established in 2008. It currently houses, a startup providing bridal registry services, among several other startups.

About is modelled on a crowdfunding framework. Couples who are preparing for their weddings can register with to manage their wedding lists, budgets, and RSVPs. The site also provides each registered couple a unique URL which enables friends and families to access details about their wedding ceremony and after-party easily. Essentially, is a couple’s virtual wedding manager that saves them from having to tear their hair out over the infinite details in prep work.

Creating mockups, simplifying work, and improving communication flow

On this visit to Samurai Incubate, we got the opportunity to meet and talk with a regular Cacoo user, Ai Abe,’s systems engineer in-charge of the developmental direction of the site, as well as the internal systems of the business. Ai discovered Cacoo about two years ago on a news site. Drawn to its cloud-based nature and smooth UI, Ai has since began to gradually employ Cacoo to work on wireframes and mockups for planning’s site improvements.

For Ai, the collaborative feature and diagram sharing function of Cacoo have helped her simplify work and communication flow among co-workers. The web-based aspect of the tool provides convenience in launching the application and accessing files. Cacoo also gives her an adequate pool of stencils and templates to complete her mockup designs while preserving its simplicity and user-friendly nature which she thoroughly appreciates.

The visit to Samurai Incubate was a terrific experience, and it was thrilling for us to discover exciting startups that make use of Cacoo to develop some of their fantastic ideas. We certainly look forward to meeting and talking with more startups in the future!

Samurai Incubate Inc.

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Saving and organizing Cacoo diagrams are now easier than ever. Tue, 09 Jul 2013 00:11:43 +0000 okafuji Dear Cacoo users:

Cacoo has been upgraded lately. With this update, the following functioanlities are added.

Saving and organizing Cacoo diagrams are now easier than ever.

Saving and organizing Cacoo diagrams are now easier than ever.

We have added more saving preferences on Cacoo to make organizing your diagrams much simpler than before. You will now have the option of naming your diagrams directly on the saving panel, choosing the desired destination folder where your diagrams will automatically be stored, as well as making a copy of the latest version of the diagram while leaving the original file unchanged when saving.

We hope these added preferences will make organizing Cacoo diagrams a breeze for you.

Other improvements

  • Better display quality of uploaded SVG files.
  • Count indicator for unsaved operations on diagram details page.
  • Bug fixes: Performance issues when saving diagrams and other minor fixes.
  • Improved display on viewer as well as on mobile devices.
  • Updated list of shortcut keys on the editing page. Please refer to them on the Help panel.

We are going to add features requested by our users and improve Cacoo even more in the upcoming updates.
Please enjoy using Cacoo and we hope you look forward to seeing continued updates.

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Thank you, CacooUp Surabaya is concluded! Mon, 08 Jul 2013 08:48:07 +0000 nia

Hi everyone!

Surabaya 2013, which we announced in our last post, has successfully concluded. We had an amazing crowd of attendees, much thanks to our collaboration with Studentpreneur Magazine, which helped a great deal in sharing about the event with their network of IT students and young entrepreneurs. Apart from myself, Shinsuke Tabata, our Chief Marketing Office (CMO), came down from Singapore to join us at the event.

CacooUp Surabaya was definitely an eventful evening for both Shinsuke and myself. It was pouring heavily in the area when we arrived at the event venue, Aiola Cafe, at 5.30pm, and we were greeted with a power outage upon arrival. After half an hour of waiting, there was no sign of the power coming back up. You could bet we were really anxious by then.

Just as we were arriving at the decision to cancel the event much with a heavy heart, the odds turned in our favour and the electricity returned. Still, the storm out on the streets continued to rage on, and it wasn’t until 20 minutes past 7pm that our first attendee, Adhika from Studentpreneur magazine, showed up. Things picked up from there though, and people began filing in in a steady stream. At exactly 8pm, we decided to commence CacooUp Surabaya.

Even though we were behind schedule, the event was a fruitful effort. I had the joy of opening the night with an introduction to Nulab, as well as a little demonstration on Cacoo. The tech entrepreneurs in the crowd who have never been exposed to Cacoo seemed especially  keen to learn more about our collaborative diagramming tool. They had a train of questions for us, which we were only more than happy to answer.

We thoroughly appreciate this experience at CacooUp Surabaya 2013, the enthusiasm and support from the audience, as well as the help from our media friends. We are definitely excited to be back in future to bring more sharing and tips to our users here. Thank you everyone for your great help and support to make this event a success!

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Increase in range for scrollbars Tue, 07 May 2013 02:04:34 +0000 hirayama The Cacoo team is back to announce yet another minor improvement on Cacoo!

Increase in range for scrollbars

This upgrade sees a stretched scrolling range for both vertical and horizontal scrollbars on the Cacoo editor.

We understand that some users encountered issues with the previous limited scrolling range which resulted in the need to move or hide the Stencil and Inspector panels as they were obstructing a portion of the canvas.

With this update, our users can now easily access objects on the edge of the canvas without them being superimposed by the side panels.

Do you have more suggestions for us on how to improve Cacoo? Do not hesitate to let us know!

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Change in default adjustment value for size & object alignment Tue, 30 Apr 2013 02:50:10 +0000 hirayama Following the update on 22 April for enabling sheet size configuration, the Cacoo team has also been working on various minor improvements to make the Cacoo experience even better for everyone.

We plan to continue delivering these small updates in-between major ones and we hope that collectively they will make Cacoo even more enjoyable and effortless to use.

Change in default adjustment value for size & object alignment:
0.1px to 1px.

A mini update we’ve just released concerns a change in the default adjustment value for object width (w) & height (h), as well as its x- & y- coordinates from the Inspector panel.

Prior to this update, the default increment and decrement values were set at 0.1 pixels. In practice, though, we have found that most people are comfortable with the precision of 1 px, and actually favour that over the original 0.1 px that we have set.

Therefore in this update, we’ve redesigned the w, h, x- & y- fields to increase / decrease by 1 px with the click of the cursor or on the arrow keys, to make things more efficient for our users when they are shaping or arranging objects. Of course, decimal values can still be applied, and snap features function as normal.

We hope these little upgrading works will really put more ease in the Cacoo user experience, and we strongly encourage users who have any suggestions for future improvements to drop us a feedback.

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Job-Hub’s In-house Development Team Uses Cacoo to Create & Deliver Design Blueprints Fri, 26 Apr 2013 03:07:46 +0000 Iris

In the previous post CacooUp Tokyo & Taipei 2013, we featured some of our Cacoo users who were involved in the events as presenters. One of our Tokyo presenters, Hideki Okubo, has joined us for an interview together with his colleague, Issei Nomiya, at Job-Hub - a web-service provided by Japan-based Pasona Tech Inc., sharing more extensively with us their opinions on Cacoo’s utility in relation to their work.

About Job-Hub

For those who are not familiar with it, Job-Hub is a Japanese online crowd sourcing service that provides recruitment and staffing solutions for your business.

The service provides a highly customizable and tailored platform for job listing and job search. Whether you’re searching for a job as a “Co-worker” or you’re looking to hire someone as a “Client”, Job-Hub allows you to input preferences such as workload, employment availability, and location etc, to ensure that you find the job that well accommodates your lifestyle, or the right personnel who can meet all the prerequisites and demands of your business.

Job-Hub is a commission based service, which means that it is almost entirely free to use. Job-Hub only charges the Client when a hiring contract has been established and completed (10% of the Co-worker’s remuneration). To date, this web-based service has successfully matched jobs with remuneration values between ten thousand to a million yen. Its extensive and thorough service sees its customers through job appointment, procurement, and until all aspects of the employment contract have been secured. Pretty incredible, don’t you think?

In-house Planning & Development Teams

Job-Hub’s development processes are both allocated in-house as well as outsourced. The in-house team consists of two sub-teams: the planning team and the development team. According to Issei, differences between the two groups with regards to their respective roles and responsibilities pose certain challenges to communication flow, which essentially led them to discover Cacoo. They needed a tool that allowed every member from both groups to be able to work on Job-Hub’s screen design, a tool that even individuals without the necessary technical background could tinker with.

After searching around for a suitable tool, they found Cacoo. Issei, who quickly started experimenting with Cacoo, was thoroughly impressed by the simple UI which didn’t require him to pore over manuals and guides to learn. Soon enough, the team was sold on the idea of using Cacoo as a common work tool.

Designing Blueprints and Testing Concepts with Cacoo

Meetings have become more productive as Cacoo allows all team members to view the design blueprint simultaneously, as well as to make comments and execute changes directly onto diagrams in real time. With the design blueprint and its specifications frequently changing, Cacoo enables the team to always have access to the latest, most updated versions.

“The tool is like an extension of my own hand” says Hideki, as Cacoo allows him to annotate his thoughts and the visuals in his head onto diagrams in a flash. Right now, the team is also using Cacoo to develop and organise their plans, experimenting with ideas on the canvas by tiling stencils together, dismantling them, and then gradually forming feasible outcomes.

As for their future plans for Job-Hub, the guys also talked about its expansion through the integration of other web services and are considering the possibility of employing Cacoo API to develop something new for Job-Hub. That would definitely be an exciting collaboration for us at Cacoo.

For now, thank you, Issei and Hideki, for taking time to share with us this great piece of user story with us!

Pasona Tech Inc.
Provides human resource and staffing solutions in the field of IT and engineering, as well as crowdsourcing services via Job-Hub.

New crowdsourcing platform by Pasona Tech Inc. providing job appointment, procurement, and settlement services.

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CacooUp Tokyo & Taipei – 17 April 2013 Thu, 25 Apr 2013 04:04:34 +0000 Iris

Last Wednesday, some of us from the Cacoo Team headed over to Tokyo and Taipei for the Cacoo meetup in the respective cities. It wasn't the first time that we've held CacooUp in these two places, but as before, the turn up was fantastic for both cities.


CacooUp Tokyo was held at Puzzle Shibaura, a co-working & event space in Shibaura district. We had a vibrant crowd that joined us for the evening, with people doing design, who does various mockups with wireframes, and developers of different services.


Cacoo creator, Toshitaka Agata, started the evening off with an introduction to the history of Cacoo and its development from past to present. We also had one of our Cacoo developers, Shoji Nakahara, who shared some of the latest updates from Cacoo including Cacoo for Google+ Hangouts, sheet size configurationtable functions, as well as Cacoo's roadmap and future plans.


We invited Hideki Okubo from Persona Tech Inc., and Tomohiro Oono from Startia Lab, to share their experiences as a Cacoo user. Both Hideki and Tomohiro have been using Cacoo heavily for development work (View Hideki's presentation on Slideshare - Japanese). The Cacoo team present at CacooUp Tokyo was thrilled to hear from these guys personally.


Meanwhile across the East China Sea, the Cacoo Team in Taipei saw an equally dynamic crowd that same evening. Just like CacooUp Taipei 2012, the attendance was excellent in this city. This time around, we held CacooUp Taipei at a cosy venue called Goz Cafe.


From the Cacoo Team we had Lillian Lu, Cacoo Community Manager based in Taipei, as well as the head developer of Cacoo, Makoto Hirayama, who shared about Cacoo's history and developments respectively.


Taipei Cacoo users Jeff Hou and Maro also shared their Cacoo experience with us.

Jeff, who is the founder of TEDxYuanZeU, first discovered Cacoo when he was involved in a developers competition a year ago. Jeff and his team made use of Cacoo to illustrate ideas and concepts for the design and development of the software that they were submitting. Post competition, Jeff continued to use Cacoo for many other purposes. On a project trip to Nepal last summer, he used Cacoo objects to create his team's presentation slides. In his opinion, Cacoo has many useful applications beyond diagramming that can really benefit a great variety of users.

Our other user presentation was from Maro, a software developer. For Maro, Cacoo was a refreshing experience for him when he first started. It has a wealth of built-in objects, and supports remote collaboration with its simple URL sharing function. Maro subsequently recommended Cacoo to his co-workers. Its straightforward graphing elements also allow his Marketing department to quickly render their project concepts and deliver them to other departments conveniently.

Well, thank you Taipei users! It was a delight to hear from you guys and we're glad that Cacoo remains a valuable tool for all of you.

What's next?

CacooUp Tokyo and Taipei were a great experience for the Cacoo Team, and we're looking forward to continuing CacooUp and bringing it to more cities around the globe. Follow us on our dedicated CacooUp site, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter page to get updates on future CacooUps!

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Cacoo has been upgraded – Sheet size setting is now available on Cacoo! Mon, 22 Apr 2013 10:11:19 +0000 okafuji Dear Cacoo users:

Cacoo has been upgraded lately. With this update, the following functioanlities are added.

Sheet size setting is now available on Cacoo

Sheet size setting is now available on Cacoo

You can now configure sheet sizes via the Property tab on the editing page. We have a preset list of template sizes for print and slide presentation that you can conveniently select from, as well as a customizable option for specific height and width lengths.

In addition, we have removed the 4000 x 4000 pixel limitation on the canvas, which means you can create wireframes for longer web pages now!

Go ahead and try out this new feature today!

Sign in to Cacoo to try out new feature

We are going to add features requested by our users and improve Cacoo even more in the upcoming updates.
Please enjoy using Cacoo and we hope you look forward to seeing continued updates.

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